Medieval silver groat of king Edward III London

Medieval silver groat of king Edward III London

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Silver Groat (4d) of King Edward III (1327-1377), Fourth Coinage (1351-1377), Pre-Treaty period (1356-1361 AD), Series G. 

Obverse inscription:  EDWARD D G REX ANGL Z FRANC D HYB "Edward By The Grace of God King of England and France and Lord of the Irish"

Obverse description: Facing bust of king Edward in tressure of nine arches. Annulet below bust.

Reverse inscription: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV / CIVITAS LONDON. "I have made God my helper / City of London"

Reverse description: Long cross pattée dividing the legend, with three pellets in each angle. Annulet in one quarter.


CULTURE: Medieval England


DATE: 1327 - 1377 AD (this coin was minted between 1356-1361AD)


SIZE: 27mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.28 grams


PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. Essex