Medieval silver groat of king Henry VI Calais Joan of Arc period

Medieval silver groat of king Henry VI Calais Joan of Arc period

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This is a medieval silver groat (four pence) of King Henry VI, minted in Calais between 1430 - 1431 AD. It is from the  Rosette-mascle issue. This coin would have circulated within France and England in the same year Joan of Arc was captured, tried, and executed in Rouen.

Obverse: facing crowned bust, within double tressure of nine arcs, fleurs on six cusps, beaded circles and legend surrounding, rosette stops with mascle both sides, initial mark cross patonce. Legend reads: hEnRIC* DI* GRA* REX<> AnGL'* Z* FRAnC "Henry, by the grace of God, King of England and France"

Reverse: Long cross pattee, tri-pellets in each inner angle, beaded circles and double concentric legends surrounding, VIL <>LAxx CALI SIE*, outer legend initial mark plain cross, +POSVI* DEVmxx A DIVTOR Ex mEVm  "I have made God my helper," a Psalm from the Bible, with "Town of Calais" on the inner circle.

A nice example of this groat struck at Calais. Mintmarks cross patonce/plain cross, mascles after REX and before LA. Lightly worn and reasonably well detailed but slightly off centre. I would grade this coin About Very Fine (Sheldon EF45)


CULTURE: Medieval France


DATE: 1430 - 1431 AD


SIZE: 26mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.58 grams

ATTRIBUTION: S-1859, N-1446, Whitton 24a