Medieval silver groat of king Henry VI Calais

Medieval silver groat of king Henry VI Calais

Code: 11778


This is a medieval silver groat (four pence) of King Henry VI, minted in Calais between 1422 - 1430 AD. It is from the Annulet issue. This coin would have circulated within France and England around the time of Joan of Arc 

Obverse: Facing bust of Henry within a tressure of nine arcs, an annulet either side of neck. Legend reads: +HENRIC' DI' GRA' REX ANGL' Z FRANC. "Henry, by the grace of God, King of England and France"

Reverse: Long cross pattée, trefoil of pellets in each angle, annulet in 2nd and 3rd.Legend outer circle: POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM "I have made God my helper," a Psalm from the Bible.: VIL LA CALI SIE,"Town of Calais" double saltire stops on the inner circle.


CULTURE: Medieval France


DATE: 1430 - 1431 AD


SIZE: 27mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.70 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Whitton 13a; N.1427; S.1836