Medieval Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross Pendant

Medieval Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross Pendant

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Here we have a nice excavated Byzantine-Medieval bronze Reliquary Cross, also known as an 'Enkolpion', dating from the 9th to 12th century AD. This example consists of two halves, joined with a hinge and suspension ring. One half is decorated with a depiction of the Crucified Christ, the other with an incised cross. It appears that this reliquary had once been opened and resealed shut with a leather cord bound tightly around both halves, keeping them shut (now mostly perished but leaving traces of the leather). Such a cross would have been purchased on a pilgrimage and worn for its protective properties.  

OBJECT: Reliquary Cross (Enkolpion)

CULTURE: Medieval/Byzantine

DATE: c. 9th - 12th century AD


SIZE: 44.90mm x 24.56mm x 6.49mm

WEIGHT:  11.2 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in private collection, Cambridge. UK