Medieval Enamelled Heraldic Pendant

Medieval Enamelled Heraldic Pendant

Code: 10565


This is a complete medieval bronze heraldic mount, dating to the 13th - 14th century A.D. The pendant is set with the original red enamel, with traces of gold gilding to the eagle. The arms depict 'Gules, an eagle displayed or'. These have been attributed to the Count of Vienna, and to Sir Piers Lemesey and Sir Richard Limesy (of the same family but various spelling). This stud would have likely been attached to a wooden chest or jewellery casket, similar heraldic mounted caskets are displayed in the V&A Museum and the Met. This is a much rarer heraldic pendant/stud than one usually finds. In an excellent excavated condition.

OBJECT: Heraldic Stud 

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 13th - 14th century AD

MATERIAL: Bronze & Enamel

SIZE: 18mm x 15mm x 11mm

WEIGHT: 5.14 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection