Medieval Gold & Ruby Stirrup Ring

Medieval Gold & Ruby Stirrup Ring

Code: 10185


This is a delightful medieval gold finger ring, dating to the early 13th century. This ring is of the type known as a 'Stirrup' ring, named by Victorian collectors during the 19th century (due to the shape resembling horses stirrups). Further research and study into this genre of the ring, has concluded the 'stirrup' shape is likely a representation of Gothic arches, as found in the ornate windows of Cathedrals of the period. Such rings are often associated with the ecclesiastic community, such as Bishop's, Abbots and Priors. This ring is clearly designed for a lady so it is possible whilst larger rings for men, this example once belonged to an Abbess. Today this wonderful treasure has survived in excellent condition, the gem intact and still mounted in the original rubbed setting. 

OBJECT: Stirrup ring

CULTURE: Medieval 

DATE: c. 1220 A.D. (early 13th century A.D.)

MATERIAL: Gold & Ruby

SIZE: 23mm, the width is 20mm thick 

RING SIZE:  5 1/2  (US)     L  (UK)

WEIGHT: 1.47 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. private collection, London.