Medieval silver-gilt lozenge shaped annular brooch

Medieval silver-gilt lozenge shaped annular brooch

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This is a beautiful medieval silver-gilt annular brooch, dating to the 13th - 14th century AD. The composite brooch formed of a plain backplate and a highly decorated faceplate. The face of the brooch which has been highly decorated with a raised filigree and pellet foliage design. It is intact with the original pin in working condition.

Ring-brooches are the most common type medieval brooch to survive and had a practical function: to fasten tunics, especially at the neck. Shaped as rings, with a long central pin, these brooches varied enormously in size and could be tiny, smaller than a fingernail. Ring-brooches were made of costly gold or silver, or of much cheaper copper or pewter. They were worn mostly until the late fourteenth century when changing fashions in dress included more closely tailored clothes and the growing use of button fastenings.

OBJECT: Brooch

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 1280 - 1380 AD

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt

SIZE:  24.27mm x 21.09mm x 4.48mm

WEIGHT: 4.33 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex Old English Collection. Purchased Covent Garden, London.