Medieval silver livery badge/belt stud Blackletter Monogram

Medieval silver livery badge/belt stud Blackletter Monogram

Code: 11788


This is a wonderful medieval silver belt stud or hat badge, dating to the 15th-16th century. It is decorated with a monogram in Blackletter script. The back retains integral cast fixing studs and has been cast in a cuttlefish mould (with the pattern evident on the back). Such a badge would have been cast and given to supporter's/retainer's to demonstrate allegiance or service. The design could represent a merchant mark or monogram combining several letters. It has been suggested to me that the letters represent J.F. that correspond to a certain Lord Mayor of London "John Fraunceys" who was a Goldsmith and Mayor in 1400. A nice object that was recovered from the Thames in London. 

OBJECT: Badge/Belt-Stud

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 1450 - 1550 AD


SIZE: 14.07mm x 15.84mm x 2.11mm

WEIGHT: 2.33 grams

PROVENANCE: Originally recovered from the Thames, London. Ex. private collection, Essex.