King Henry VIII & Queen Katherine Gold Crown of the Double Rose

Code: 10117


This is a superb Tudor gold Crown of the double-rose, minted in London between August and November 1526. It bears the initials H & K for Henry and Katherine (of Aragon), Henry's first wife. 

It is a bold and well-struck coin, in an almost exceptionally fine condition. It does, however, have a minor dig to the field and a slightly wavy flan (hardly noticeable). 

Obverse = HENRIC VIII RVTILANS ROSA SINE SPIA. Crowned double rose with crowned initials H an K at sides. "Henry VIII, a dazzling rose without a thorn"

Reverse = DEI G R AGL Z FRANC DNS HIBERNIE. Crowned royal shield. "by the Grace of God King of England and France, Lord of Ireland."

Interestingly this coin would have been in circulation during Henry's courting of Anne Boleyn, before his divorce from Queen Katherine (after which the 'K' was replaced with an 'A' for Anne). Henry's pursuit of Anne Boleyn in the traditional display of ‘courtly love’, was made public at the Shrove Tuesday jousts (on the 23rd of February 1526).  

DENOMINATION: Crown (of the double-rose)

CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: (August - November) 1526 A.D.


SIZE: 25mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.74 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Spink - 2273, North - 1788 Scarce

King Henry VIII & Queen Katherine Gold Crown of the Double Rose