Queen Elizabeth I Tudor Silver Shilling

Queen Elizabeth I Tudor Silver Shilling

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This is a Tudor silver shilling (12 pence) of Queen Elizabeth, minted in London between 1595 - 1598 AD.

Obverse inscription: ELIZAB : D : G : ANG : FR : ET : HIB : REGI,  ( "Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland") Crowned bust left, mintmark 'Key'.

Reverse inscription: POSVI DEV' ADIVTOREM ME("I have made God my helper") Square topped shield quartered by long cross fourchee dividing legend, mintmark 'Key' above.


CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: 1595 - 1598 AD

Mint-Mark: 'Key'


SIZE: 32mm diameter

WEIGHT: 5.78 grams