Queen Mary Tudor Silver Groat

Queen Mary Tudor Silver Groat

Code: 11602


This is a Tudor silver groat of Queen Mary, minted in London between 1553 - 1554. It is in circulated condition. 

The obverse legend is MARIA. D'. G'. AnG'. FRA'. Z. hIB'. REGI ("Mary by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland") crowned bust of Mary facing left.

The reverse legend reads VERITA S + TEM PORIS FILIA   – ( "Truth the daughter of Time"). The mint mark pomegranate follows the Queen's name on Mary's coinages and alludes to the Royal house of Aragon in Spain, through her mother Katherine of Aragon.

This example has a crease and the portrait worn, otherwise this coin is intact 


CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: 1553 - 1554 AD


SIZE: 24mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.98 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Spink - 2492