Rare Spanish Armada FILIPSDAALDER of king Philip II

Rare Spanish Armada FILIPSDAALDER of king Philip II

Code: 11518


This is an original Spanish FILIPSDAALDER coin, minted in Spanish Netherlands during the reign of King Philip II. The obverse of this coin displays the head of Philip II in armour. The reverse displays the royals arms of the 'House of Habsburg'.

This is a fantastic coin, equivalent to a piece-of-eight weighing about an ounce of silver. It is dated below the bust, with 15 "a hand" 88 for the year 1588. During this year Philip launched the Spanish Armada to invade England. His troops had to meet with the Fleet in the Netherlands. This coin may have comprised of payment of the army, or for a considerable sum. 

This coin was minted at Anvers (identified with the hand mintmark). These were the largest value silver coin, they did not circulate as small change but were kept in money chests for large transactions. The condition of this example has been graded as AU(50-53).


CULTURE: Renaissance / Spanish Netherlands

DATE: 1588 A.D.


SIZE: 42mm diameter x 3mm thick

WEIGHT: 33.91 grams