Scotland: King James VI,  Billon Hardhead 2d

Scotland: King James VI, Billon Hardhead 2d

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This is a nice King James VI  billion Hardhead (2d), issued at Edinburgh November 1588 - 1590.

Obverse crowned 'IR' Inscription: · IACOB' · 6 · D · G · R · SCO'  (James VI, by the Grace of God, King of Scots)

Reverse crowned rampant lion, mark of value (two pellets) to the right. Inscription: VINCIT · VERITAS ·(Truth conquers)

This is a good example with an old ticket/envelope 

DENOMINATION: Hardhead (2 pence)

CULTURE: Stuart Scotland

MONARCH: King James VI

DATE: 1566 - 1625 A.D.


SIZE: 19mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.45 grams


PROVENANCE: Formerly in an old collection, Gloucester - with collectors ticket.