Tudor King Henry VII Silver Groat London

Tudor King Henry VII Silver Groat London

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This is a Tudor silver Groat (4 pence) of King Henry VII, minted in London between 1493 - 1495 AD.

Obverse inscription: HENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC,  ( "Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England and France") Crowned facing bust, mintmark 'Escallop'.

Reverse inscription: POSVI DEV A DIVTOR E MEVM ("I have made God my helper") CIVITAS LONDON on the inner circle "City of London" long cross fourchee, trefoil of pellets in angles.


CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: 1485 - 1509 AD (this coin minted between 1493 - 1495 AD)


SIZE: 26mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.1 grams

ATTRIBUTION: S.2198A; N.1705/1704; Stewartby p.435

PROVENANCE: Private collection, Port Talbot, United Kingdom