Hammered gold coin weight Spanish Cob 2 escudos

Hammered gold coin weight Spanish Cob 2 escudos

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This is a very fine coin weight for a Spanish gold 2 Escudos (weighing at 6.72 grams). With the discovery of untold riches that were mined in the Americas, the Spanish became the premier supplier of gold and silver coins for the world. Spanish gold coinage of this historical period was minted in five denominations in gold, the largest was the eight escudos, however, the 2 escudo was famous in the colonies and among pirates as a "doubloon. This coin weight was used to weigh a gold 2 escudos coins on a set of scales by a banker, merchant, or pirate!

This coin weight is in excellent condition and is an original antique from the 17th century.

DENOMINATION: 2 Escudos coin weight


DATE: 17th century

MATERIAL: Brass/Laton

SIZE: 15mm x 15mm x 5mm

WEIGHT: 6.72 grams