King Charles and Henrietta Maria Silver Marriage Medal

King Charles and Henrietta Maria Silver Marriage Medal

Code: 10710


A silver medal commemorating the marriage of King Charles I to the French princess Henrietta Maria in AD 1625. The obverse shows facing portraits of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, under rays from heaven. The inscription reads: CH.MAG.ET.HEN.MA.BRIT.REX.ET.REG (Charles the Great and Henrietta Maria, king and queen of Britain), while the reverse depicts Cupid with flowers and the inscription: FVNDIT.AMOR.LILIA.MIXTA.ROSIS./.1625 (Love pours out lilies mingled with roses). The reverse design references the union of the roses of England and lilies of France and the inscription is a modified quote from Virgil's Aeneid (xii, 68). Reference: Medallic Illustrations vol I, p. 238, no. 1.

This is a superb example, boldly struck with a lovely old cabinet tone. 


CULTURE: Stuart England

MONARCH: King Charles I

DATE: 1625 A.D.


SIZE: 23mm diameter

WEIGHT: 2.27 grams

ATTRIBUTION: MI I, 238/1; Eimer: 105Ab