King Charles I Silver Shilling

King Charles I Silver Shilling

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This is a silver shilling of King Charles Ist, struck in London between 1636 - 1638 A.D. It is a nice example of full weight/unclipped, toned and of a good strike. 

Obverse: CAROLVS. D; G; MA; BR; FR; ET HI; REX ( "Charles by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland") Crowned bust of King Charles facingt left, mintmark 'Tun'.

Reverse: CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO  “ I reign under the auspice of Christ  Quartered shield of arms within, legend around.


CULTURE: Stuart England

MONARCH: King Charles I

DATE: 1636 - 1638 A.D.


SIZE: 30.32mm diameter

WEIGHT: 6 grams