King Charles I Silver Shilling

King Charles I Silver Shilling

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This is a silver shilling struck in London, between 1639 - 1640 AD.

Sixth, large 'Briot's' bust left, type 4.4, with stellate lace collar, double-arched crown, denomination behind head, legend around.

Obverse: CAROLVS.D.G.MAG.BRI.FR.ET.HI.REX (Charles by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland

Reverse: CHRISTO . AVSPICE . REGNO ( I reign under the auspices of Christ )

Square-topped, quartered shield of arms over cross moline within inner circle, legend around. Mint mark Triangle


CULTURE: Stuart England

MONARCH: King Charles I

DATE: 1625 - 1649 AD (this coin was minted between 1639 - 1640 AD)


SIZE: 31mm diameter

WEIGHT: 5.50 grams