King James I Silver Shilling

King James I Silver Shilling

Code: 12367


This is a nice silver shilling of King James Ist, Second Coinage, Trefoil mm, struck at London in 1613. Fith bust.

Obverse: IACOBVS DG MAG BRIT FRA ET HIB REX  ( "James by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland") 5th crowned bust of King James I right, mintmark 'Trefoil'.

Reverse: QVAE DEVS CONIVNXIT NEMO SEPARET  What God Has Joined Let no One Separate Quartered shield of arms within, legend around.


CULTURE: Stuart Britain

MONARCH: King James Ist

DATE: 1603 - 1625 AD (this coin minted in 1613 AD)


SIZE: 31mm diameter

WEIGHT: 5.8 grams


PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection Eastbourne, United Kingdom.