Rare gold touch piece of King Charles II

Rare gold touch piece of King Charles II

Code: 11507


This is an original gold Touchpiece of King Charles II, dating from 1665 - 1685 AD. Another in the Royal Collection Trust can be viewed here RCIN 443149. What we can be certain of is that King Charles II would have personally touched this gold coin as he performed the healing ceremony. From 1665 these medalets were specifically made for the 'Touching' ceremony and officially pierced and presented on a white ribbon. Its nice in having some wear, demonstrating the recipient wore it and cherished it as a healing pendant and talisman.  The ship on Charles II’s gold touch-pieces can be identified as “The Sovereign of the Seas” which was launched at Woolwich in 1637. At 1,637 tons with 102 guns the ship was the largest afloat at that time. Further information on these 'Touchpieces' can be read at the Royal College of Physicians website "Touching for ‘the King’s evil’: a short history" A nice historic object in excellent condition.


CULTURE: Stuart Britain

MONARCH: King Charles II

DATE: 1664 - 1685 AD


SIZE: 21.1mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.30 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in the Michael Gietzelt Collection of Scottish Coins