Silver sixpence of King James I

Silver sixpence of King James I

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This is a nice silver sixpence of King James Ist, minted in London in 1603 AD. 

Obverse:·IACOBVS·D:G:ANG:SCO:FRA:ET·HIB:REX· (Translation: James by the Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland), Second crowned bust of King James I facing right within beaded circle, denomination in Roman numerals behind head, mintmark above.
Reverse:·EXVRGAT·DEVS·DISSIPENTVR·INIMICI· (Translation: Let God arise and His enemies be scattered), coat-of-arms shield with year above it.


CULTURE: Stuart Britain

MONARCH: King James I

DATE: 1603 AD


SIZE: 26mm diameter

WEIGHT: 2.61 grams