Elizabethan Gold Posy Ring "As loyal as loving"

Code: 10088


This is a wonderful and very rare Tudor (Elizabethan) gold posy ring, inscribed inside the band "As loyall as louing". The style of lettering gives us a date of the latter 16th century, confirmed also by the enameled band (typical of the fashionable tastes of Queen Elizabeth's court). The ring bears a makers mark of two 'i''s in a shield-shaped punch (as yet unattributed), likely a London goldsmith.

This ring has a connection with the Verney & Anderson families of Pendley Manor in Hertfordshire.

The ring is in excellent condition, though has lost the white enamel from the band (traces of which remain). Such a ring would have been worn as a wedding band, as was the English custom. This will make for a unique and historic wedding ring today!


CULTURE:  TUDOR (Elizabethan)

DATE: c. 1560 - 1610


RING SIZE:    5 1/2  (US)     L (UK)

SIZE: 18.16mm x 3.02mm 

WEIGHT:  1.75 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex-private collection, Kansas, USA. Originally found in Hertfordshire, England. 1960's. details supplied.


Elizabethan Gold Posy Ring