Elizabethan Tudor Period Gold & Rock Crystal Finger Ring

Elizabethan Tudor Period Gold & Rock Crystal Finger Ring

Code: 10586


This is a wonderful Elizabethan gold finger ring, dating to the 16th century. The ring is intact and in excavated condition, it retains the original table cut rock crystal gem (originally foiled). The ring is heavily decorated for enamel, some traces of red survive. From handling and recording such rings, it is my opinion the original foiling of this ring would have been red to imitate a ruby - this would also echo the colour combination of the red enamels used in the design. Being a pure carat yellow gold it is rather soft, so have a few dints and scrapes from its time buried in the ground. A nice wearable finger ring from the age of the Tudors!

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Elizabethan (Tudor era)

DATE: c. 1550 - 1600 A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold 22k +/- rock crystal and enamel

RING SIZE:  6 1/2 (US)     N (UK)

SIZE: 20.54mm x 18.22mm x 1.30mm (bezel 6.22mm x 5.10mm x 3.95mm)

WEIGHT: 3.4 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection