Renaissance Fede betrothal ring heart in clasped hands

Renaissance Fede betrothal ring heart in clasped hands

Code: 12035


This is a rather charming Renaissance silver Fede/betrothal ring, dating to the mid 16th - 17th century AD. The ring depicts a pair of clasped hands between a heart, signifying requited love. The shoulders of the ring are decorated for enamel that appears to represent a chain, thus a firm and binding agreement. This symbolism would suggest the ring represents a betrothal or promise ring, given in mutual agreement of marriage.  

Similar examples have been recorded on the Portable Antiquities under YORYM-05BC53WILT-4C20D3 and ESS-6C969E. This is a very good example of this genre, intact and without restorations. This ring is suitable for contemporary wear with care!

OBJECT: Wedding/Fede Ring

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 16th - 17th century AD


RING SIZE:   7 1/2   (US)      P  (UK)

SIZE: 20.7mm x 21.6mm x 2.1mm x 6.3mm

WEIGHT: 2.47 grams

PROVENANCE: From a European private collection, Netherlands.