Renaissance Filigree Silver Girdle Prayer Book Case

Renaissance Filigree Silver Girdle Prayer Book Case

Code: 10785


This is a masterpiece of Renaissance silversmith art, an exquisitely crafted book shaped filigree case. The workmanship is breathtaking in its detail and imagination. Every part of the case has been decorated, designed to hang on a girdle and to be seen. Such a case would have been used to hold valuable spices, gems or relics. Slightly larger examples in gold and enamel were used to house prayer books, this was seen as a highly sophisticated and fashionable accessory for a Tudor period noblewoman to wear. On this case even the pages of the book are engraved, with a pair of hands securing the lid. It is intact with some wear to the gilding, commensurate with age.

OBJECT: Girdle Book Case

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 16th - 17th century

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt 

SIZE:  51mm x 43mm x 15mm

WEIGHT:  52.5 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly the property of an Edinburgh gentleman