Renaissance Silver Crowned Heart Early Luckenbooth Type Brooch

Code: 10749


This is a splendid example of an amatory brooch, dating to the late 16th - 17th century A.D. The brooch is formed as a crowned heart, with initials I*C*T. It is an original period example, of a style known in Scotland as a Luckenbooth brooch. The owner's initials likely represent the giver and recipient (being married). During this period initials on marriage coffers and silver spoons are often set out in '3's, so these initials may represent the gentleman's initial 'I' (for James) the 'C' ( for Catherine) and the 'T' for the surname etc.

These early brooches are usually hard to date, especially if they are of the more common plain heart shape, however, with the style of crown changing over time, easily dating this piece to the latter part of the 16th century. Crowns of a similar shape, depicted with rosettes (instead of Fleurs) was in use at the court of Henry II and Catherine de Medici during the mid 16th century. Some of these portraits superbly painted in Miniature, in the Book of hours of Catherine De Medici, can be seen being worn by her son Henry III, her daughter Elisabeth of Valois etc. Around this time Mary Queen of Scots introduced the royal heart-shaped brooch into Scotland, where it later became Scottish tradition to gift such brooches to sweethearts (known as Luckenbooth brooches).

OBJECT: Heart Brooch

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 1550 - 1650 A.D.


SIZE: 42mm x 31mm x 2mm

WEIGHT: 6.8 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, France.

Renaissance Silver Crowned Heart Early Luckenbooth Type Brooch