Renaissance Silver & Enamel Devotional Pendant

Renaissance Silver & Enamel Devotional Pendant

Code: 10664


This is a wonderful Renaissance devotional pendant, dating to the mid 16th century. The double-sided pendant bears an enameled image of Saint John the Baptist on one side and the Virgin Mary on the other. At first, one is drawn to the St. John as it is reminiscent of Renaissance depictions of Cleopatra. However, on a closer inspection, one can see a faded cross, next to his arm is a lamb. On the other side, the Virgin is handing her son Jesus some fruits, though it appears some iconoclast has chipped the head of Jesus and that of Jesus as the Agnus Dei. This grouping is early to mid 16th century, likely produced in Limoges workshops in France. It has survived mostly intact, still stable and wearable.  

OBJECT:  Devotional Pendant

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 16th century

MATERIAL: Silver & Enamel

SIZE: 29mm x 22mm x 4mm

WEIGHT:  4.1 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Germany.