Renaissance Silver Gilt Verre Églomisé Devotional Pendant

Code: 10316


This is a wonderful Renaissance silver-gilt devotional pendant, dating to the mid 16th - early 17th century A.D. The pendant is decorated with a hand-painted Verre Églomisé panel. The form is very abstract and strong, with a bold use of the colours. The Saint wears a stylish doublet decorated with gold and black stripes, over which he wears a puffed out white jerkin. The halo crowning his head is scratched out to reveal the gold beneath, giving a good contrast of colours - altogether a very fashionable and regal gent, one that would have spoken to the rich merchant class of the 16th century.

The panel is housed within its original frame, handsomely decorated with fleurs. It is a good honest piece of early devotional jewellery, worn for contemplation and protection.

OBJECT: Devotional Pendant

CULTURE: Spanish Renaissance

DATE: 16th - 17th century (c. 1550 - 1620 A.D.)

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt & Verre Églomisé

SIZE: 67mm x 55mm x 7mm 

WEIGHT: 26.5 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection

Renaissance Silver Gilt Verre Églomisé Devotional Pendant