Renaissance silver hat badge of Mary Queen of Scots

Renaissance silver hat badge of Mary Queen of Scots

Code: 11183


This is a rather delightful Tudor silver hat badge, dating to the 16th century. The badge is decorated with a bust of a queen wearing a bodice and ruff, either that of Mary Queen of Scots or her rival Queen Elizabeth. The bust is 3/4 facing, surrounded with wirework. The background has punched pits as a thimble but intended to give grip for enamels (traces which remain). Such a badge would have been sewn into the rim of a hat, worn by noblemen and merchants to display their support for the Queen. Hat jewels such as this were very popular during the late medieval and Tudor periods, further example can be found in the British Museum 1915,1216.136, V&A 630-1884473-1873 and Getty Museum 85.SE.238.

This is a very nice object, certainly worthy of further research!

OBJECT: Hat Badge

CULTURE:  Renaissance/Tudor period

DATE: c. 1550 - 1580 A.D.


SIZE: 24.68mm x 23.75mm x 5.73mm 

WEIGHT:  3.56 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex. Private Collection, Wiltshire.