Tudor period silver-gilt hat badge

Tudor period silver-gilt hat badge

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This is a Tudor silver hat badge, dating to the 16th century. The back of the badge retains part of the original 'S' shaped pin, used to secure the jewel to a hat. These types of hooks are a characteristic category of Tudor dress accessory used to embellish the hats of high-status individuals and are discussed by Gaimster et al (2002: 169-173). See also SUR-C6DA03YORYM-589235SWYOR-C08232 and NMS-AA0079 for further types and discussion. 

This is an excavated example from a private collection of Tudor period jewellery.

OBJECT: Hat Badge


DATE: c. 1490 - 1590 A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt

SIZE: 18.31mm x 15.11mm x 8.48mm 

WEIGHT:  3.51 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex-Private Collection, Wiltshire.