Tudor silver-gilt dress hook fastener

Tudor silver-gilt dress hook fastener

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This is a Tudor silver-gilt clothing fastener/hook, dating to the 16th century. It appears to have been converted from a hat-badge with the removal of the 'S' shaped hook, but with an additional loop soldered to the backplate. The hook appears rather crude and again is soldered. The top of the badge still has some rotation and retains a securing bar. These types of hooks are a characteristic category of Tudor dress accessory used to embellish the hats of high-status individuals and are discussed by Gaimster et al (2002: 169-173). See also SUR-C6DA03YORYM-589235SWYOR-C08232 and NMS-AA0079 for further types and discussion. 

OBJECT: Hat Badge / Clothing-hook


DATE: c. 1450 - 1550 A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt

SIZE: 36.65mm x 22.22mm x 9.13mm 

WEIGHT:  8 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex-Private Collection, Wiltshire.