Baroque Gold Devotional Pendant Set with Table-Cut Rose Diamonds

Baroque Gold Devotional Pendant Set with Table-Cut Rose Diamonds

Code: 10287


This is a wonderful Baroque gold and diamond devotional pendant, dating to the late 17th - 18th century. It depicts Saint Joseph, cradling to sleep his foster son Jesus (the Christ Child).

This devotional scene celebrates fatherhood. Saint Joseph was a figure to whom devotees could relate.  Just as the Virgin Mary was a model of the ideal mother and woman, St. Joseph could encourage male believers to emulate his example as a devoted father and husband. Sixteenth-century Italian theologian Isidoro de Isolani argued that Joseph was vital for his role as the honorable head of the Holy Family.  St. Joseph was also the patron saint of marriage. 

The image is framed 18k gold and jeweled pendant, set with 23 diamonds. The diamonds are both rose-cut and table-cut. The back of the image is set in gold of Verre Églomisé work, this acts like a reflective mirror. At some point in its history, this pendant has had a few repairs and a stabilizing ring added for security. A rather delightful object of great presence and charm!   

OBJECT: Devotional Pendant

CULTURE: Spanish Baroque

DATE: c. 17th - 18th century

MATERIAL: 18K Gold, Diamonds & Verre Églomisé

SIZE: 75mm (without ring)  x 56mm x 4mm 

WEIGHT: 27.05 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection