Baroque silver-gilt and rock crystal reliquary 'True-Cross'

Baroque silver-gilt and rock crystal reliquary 'True-Cross'

Code: 11336


A rare and fascinating reliquary/devotional object of the 'True Cross' dating to the 17th - 18th century. This natural rock crystal bears a rutilated inclusions forming a cross. This natural phenomenon would have been seen as 'holy' and 'magical', enough that the crystal was housed in a silver-gilt bevel and set upon a stand or worn as a pectoral pendant. The crystal is unfortunately fractured and the holes revealing the rutile (which is a dark brown and of a wood colour), that it appears had been dropped or had an iconoclast smash it? It is, however, still a rare object that may once have been venerated as a sacred relic?

OBJECT: Reliquary

CULTURE: Baroque

DATE: 17th - 18th century

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt bevel and rock crystal

SIZE: 546.55mm x 40.31mm x 20.43mm (bevel 49.55mm x 43.58mm x 10.24mm)

WEIGHT: 47.02 grams crystal (19.31 grams bevel) 66.33 grams total

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, France.