Baroque Silver Jewelled Finger Ring

Code: 10476


A nice Baroque pearl and emerald paste finger ring, dating to the late 17th century. The ring has a large cruciform shaped bezel, set with split pearls and foiled glass (to resemble emeralds). The back of the bezel is decorated to receive enamel. It is a 'showy' ring, designed to get one noticed!  

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Baroque

DATE: c. 17th - 18th A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver, glass and pearls

RING SIZE:   7 3/4  (US)   P 1/2 (UK)

SIZE: 24mm x 21mm x 3mm (bezel 28mm x 19mm)

WEIGHT: 8.5 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Chelmsford, Essex.

Baroque Silver Jewelled Finger Ring