King Charles Ist gold Angel (touch-piece)

King Charles Ist gold Angel (touch-piece)

Code: 10883


This is a rare gold Angel of King Charles Ist, struck at the Tower of London between 1640 - 1641 A.D. It is pierced for use as a touch-piece. This is an official piercing, most of these Angels were only struck for this ceremony and in a very limited number. They were given out (or touched) by the king himself  (so King Charles Ist would have actually held this coin). Once given as part of a healing ceremony, the coin would have been worn around the neck (the reason it is pierced) on a white silk cord (see The Gold Angel: legendary coin, enduring amulet). After the execution of King Charles in 1649, these 'touch-pieces' were highly sought by Royalists as a memorial to their martyr, even today such pieces are very rare and desirable amulets.

Plenty of research has been carried out into the 'touch-pieces' of King Charles (see the tower gold of charles i - British Numismatic Society PDF). 

This is a good excavated example, with a nicely struck ship on the reverse. The obverse is a little worn (caused by being worn and through rubbing).


CULTURE: Stuart England

MONARCH: King Charles I

DATE: 1640 - 1641 A.D.


SIZE: 25mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.02 grams