Renaissance Gold & Table-cut Diamond Cross Pendant

Renaissance Gold & Table-cut Diamond Cross Pendant

Code: 10631


This is a fabulous high-carat Renaissance gold and diamond cross pendant, dating to the 17th century. It is similar to those designed by Holbein for the Tudor court during the 16th century. This example is set with five table-cut diamonds in a cruciform shape, further embellished with twelve senaille and rose-cut diamonds (giving us a later 17th century date). The cross radiates fleurs in each quarter, the back also decorated (perhaps to hold white enamel?). Such jewels were often securely kept in treasuries, donated to or obtained by the church - especially after noble ladies entered convents. The condition is excellent, so only occasionally worn (perhaps on special occasions). This is a perfect piece of regal jewellery, from the age of Pirates and Spanish Treasure Fleets!

OBJECT: Cross Pendant

CULTURE: Renaissance/Baroque

DATE: c. 1580 - 1680 A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold 22k+/- & Diamonds

SIZE: 39mm (without ring) x 34mm (wide) x 5mm

WEIGHT: 7.3 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection