Stuart gold enamel posy ring

Stuart gold enamel posy ring "I present the absent"

Code: 11240


This is a wonderful gold and enamel posy ring, inscribed inside the band with "I present the absent". The style of lettering gives us a date of the early 17th century, confirmed also by the makers mark goldsmith "WS" (linked) possibly for a Walter Shute (a London Goldsmith who was working 1627-1628). The outer band is decorated with a pair of clasped hands with long cuffs, holding a heart pierced by an arrow, either side is forget-me-nots, vegetative floral design, next to a pair of love birds (in white enamel) each side of a pair of joined hearts. The inscription on this ring is recorded on a posy  (Evans 1931, 62). This is a fabulous posy ring, of the type gifted by friends and lovers. The inscription would suggest the ring acted in place of the giver (who was far far away either as a merchant or an officer) gifted the ring either as a betrothal or as a promise ring.

OBJECT: Posy Ring

CULTURE:  Stuart

DATE: c. 1620 - 1640


RING SIZE:    5 1/2  (US)     L  (UK)

SIZE: 18.22mm x 3.42mm 

WEIGHT:  2.26 grams

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in a Private Collection, Wiltshire.