Stuart Period Gold Diamond & Emerald Engagement Ring

Code: 10617


This is a nice Stuart period gold finger ring, dating to the 17th century. It is a lovely example, set with an emerald and two rose cut diamonds. The bezel is decorated for enamel, likely the shoulders and shank which has a groove. Similar rings were found in the Cheapside Hoard, giving us a date pre-1660. I would date this ring to the mid 17th century since the diamonds are set in gold rather than (the later) silver. Emeralds during this period were highly prized and most comming from Columbia through the Spanish treasure fleets. Diamonds would have been sourced from the Netherlands through the Dutch East India Company, cut in Antwerp. Such a ring would have been sought as a wedding band, by the aristocracy and rich merchant class. The ring is in excellent condition, with no restorations or damage. A perfect investment piece, or would make a fabulous wedding ring.

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Late Renaissance / Stuart Period

DATE: c. 1650 A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold, Emerald and Diamonds

RING SIZE:  9 (US) R 1/2 (UK)

SIZE: 23.33mm x 21.19mm x 1.74mm (bezel 14.83mm x 6.09mm x 3.77mm)

WEIGHT: 2.74 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private collection, London. Originally found in France.

Stuart Period Gold Diamond & Emerald Engagement Ring