Stuart silver-gilt posy ring

Stuart silver-gilt posy ring "let love continue"

Code: 10907


This is a good 17th-century silver-gilt posy ring, inscribed with "lett loue continfew" (let love continue). The style of the lettering fits with other known examples from the 1650's - 1660's bearing traced makers marks. The ring is likely a provincial piece, as it was originally found near Marstow (Ross-on-Wye) recorded HESH-F08A9D and disclaimed as Treasure.

Posy rings were given by men and women as an expression of love, worn as a wedding ring or as a means of showing regard and friendship; the inscription on this example indicates this may have once been worn as a wedding band. 

This ring is in excavated condition, with a few scuffs and dints from its time in the ground. The inscription is worn inside the band so too the gilding, so would have been worn for at least a lifetime of one happy couple. The join on the lower band seems to have opened with a very fine line, this can easily be resoldered by a competent jeweller if one wishes to wear it.

OBJECT: Posy Ring


DATE: c. 1660 - 1700 A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt 

RING SIZE:  7 1/2 (US)      P  (UK)

SIZE:  22.1mm x 7.2mm

WEIGHT:  6.20 grams

PROVENANCE:  Found near Marstow (Ross-on-Wye) HESH-F08A9D / acquired from the finder