18k Gold Iberian Baroque Sequile Bodice Jewel

18k Gold Iberian Baroque Sequile Bodice Jewel

Code: 10728


This is a splendid 18k gold, diamond, and citrine sequile style pendant, dating to the 18th century. It is set with the original 19 rose-cut and senaille diamonds, along with a delightful faceted citrine. The back of the pendant retains a pin housing, enabling the jewel to be worn as a pendant or bodice brooch.

The intricate openwork surround is designed as a scrolling lozenge (sequille) shape. It retains five teardrop pendants, each set with a senaille or rose-cut diamond.

Similar shaped Iberian pendants can be found in "A Sparkling Age: 17th Century Diamond Jewellery” p 215 - by the Diamond Museum in Antwerp - published 1993 and in "Five Centuries of Jewellery" p 45 - by The National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon - published 1995. 

OBJECT: Bodice Pendant/Brooch

CULTURE: Late Baroque / Georgian

DATE: 18th century 

MATERIAL: Gold 18k, 19 natural diamonds & 1 Citrine

SIZE: 52mm x 27mm x 5mm

WEIGHT:  7.6 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection