Monogrammed Fob Seal of

Monogrammed Fob Seal of "Richard Stoughton" Apothecary

Code: 10704


This is a wonderful early 18th-century fob seal of Richard Stoughton, with a mallet bottle shaped handle. The main device consists of a complex monogram, around which is the name *RICHARD*STOUGHTON.

This gentleman was a British apothecary, who concocted Stoughton’s “Elixir” one of the first medicines to receive a British royal patent in 1712. Stoughton's bitters became a successful British export to the American colonies, and after the War of Independence distillers in Boston were quick to produce a native version that included Colchicum autumnale—one component of which, colchicine, is now known to block the metabolic pathways that cause gout. Stoughton "Elixir" was patented top cure gout as well as other ailments but consumed like a cocktail and one of the first developments of the drink. There are many online sites dedicated to the history of this "Elixir" and the famous bottle it was contained in (see herehere and here). 

Interestingly the shape of the seal is formed as a bottle (dumpy mallet type) that was used to sell the "Elixir". Very rare and very interesting seal that will benefit from further research.

OBJECT: Fob Seal

CULTURE: Stuart 

DATE: c. 1700 - 1725 A.D.


SIZE: 42mm x 22mm x 21mm 

WEIGHT:  27.3 grams