Georgian Pinchbeck posy ring

Georgian Pinchbeck posy ring "Love and Live"

Code: 11301


This is a nice antique Georgian pinchbeck posy ring, dating to the 18th century. The band is inscribed in italic script "loue and Liue" (Love and Live)

The practice of giving rings engraved with mottoes at betrothals or weddings was common in England from the sixteenth century and continued until the late eighteenth century. Posy rings could, however, be given on many other occasions as a token of friendship or loyalty. Posy rings could also contain religious and memorial inscriptions. The inscription is generally found on the interior of the ring, hidden to everyone except the wearer and most of the sentimental mottoes were taken from the popular literature of the time.


CULTURE:  Georgian

DATE: c. 1720 - 1780 A.D.

MATERIAL: Pinchbeck

RING SIZE:    9 1/2  (US)     S 3/4  (UK)

SIZE: 23.23mm x 3.63mm

WEIGHT:  2.08 grams