Georgian scholarly gold posy ring

Georgian scholarly gold posy ring "Thus love unites two hearts"

Code: 12080


This is a nice 18th-century gold posy ring, inscribed in Latin with "Sic unit Armor duo" with two hearts entwined (reading as Thus Love unites two hearts). The Latin inscription is unusual and points towards an educated recipient who would have understood and appreciated a more secretive inscription. Posy rings were given by men and women as an expression of love, worn as wedding rings. This example was a metal detector find from Somerset, recorded as SOM-6F00EA. It was returned to the finder as the Museum could not date the ring prior to 1720. It comes with paperwork written by the Somerset Finds Liaison Officer.

OBJECT: Posy Ring

CULTURE: Georgian

DATE: c. 18th century AD


RING SIZE:   6 1/2  (US)      N  (UK)

SIZE: 20.3mm x 4.2mm

WEIGHT: 5.25 grams

PROVENANCE: Found in Somerset, recorded as SOM-6F00EA, acquired from the finder.