Gold posy ring

Gold posy ring "Lett Vertue Bee thy guid"

Code: 11207


This is a nice gold posy ring, dating to the 18th century. It was originally discovered with a metal detector near Liskeard in Cornwall, recorded CORN-DE5F35 and disclaimed as Treasure.  The inside of the band is inscribed with "Lett Vertue Bee thy guid" (Let vertue be thy guide). The style of lettering has been used for dating the ring to the 18th century (discussed in the PAS report). However, the use of spelling and script would in my opinion date it to the mid to late 17th century. There also appears to be a very worn makers mark in the form of a castle turret or gatehouse. The ring was discovered in Cornwall so it may be a provincial mark that can be further researched. It is a very nice example in good wearable condition.

OBJECT: Posy Ring

CULTURE:  Georgian

DATE: c. 1725 - 1750


RING SIZE:    7 3/4  (US)     P 1/2  (UK)

SIZE: 20.53mm x 3.11mm

WEIGHT 2.45 grams

PROVENANCE:  Found near Liskeard in Cornwall