Superb Georgian gold posy ring

Superb Georgian gold posy ring "Let virtue be thy guide"

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This is a wonderful Georgian gold posy ring, dating to the 18th century. The inside of the band is inscribed "Let vertue be thy guide" (Let virtue be thy guide) a sentiment recorded in Evans (69). It bears a makers mark of 'J.W' in gothic script, for James Wilks goldsmith of London, who bore this mark in 1743. The ring is in excellent condition and would make a rather charming and unique wedding band!



DATE: c. 1720 - 1740 A.D.


RING SIZE:   8 1/2  (US)     Q 3/4  (UK)

SIZE: 20.45mm x 3.65mm 

WEIGHT:  2.87 grams

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in a private collection, Exeter. United Kingdom.