About Us

Welcome to my website Ancient-Jewellery.com for original collectable historic gems, early jewellery, and numismatic items in my personal collection. This is an online-only company, not a shop or physical store. All listed items are located in the UK and will be shipped worldwide. I do not have facilities for in-person viewing.

All items are purchased from various sellers worldwide for my own collection, I am very strict with authenticity, and any I feel is not authentic, I return to sender. So I guarantee every item is authentic, and I am qualified and experienced enough to issue certificates of authenticity with each sale. 

PO BOX 3506

I am a fully qualified Archaeologist (BA Hons) specialising in 'small-finds' numismatic items and ancient gem intaglios. I have been active in collecting and discovering ancient treasures for over thirty years, as well as graduating in Archaeology from the University of Wales Lampeter (2000). Everything on this site is thus vigorously researched and comes with full provenance if known.

(If you contact me with a Gmail account email you will likely not receive a response, only all email that is not Gmail-related is currently communicative on this site.)

About Us