Ancient Roman Carnelian Gem Intaglio of Minerva

Ancient Roman Carnelian Gem Intaglio of Minerva

Code: 10217


This is an ancient Roman carnelian gemstone intaglio, dating to the 1st - 2nd century A.D. The gem is nicely cut with an image of the goddess Minerva (Athena), helmeted and holding a shield. Such a gem would have once been set into a silver finger ring, worn by a legionary or centurion, used to seal and authenticate letters and military dispatches. Minerva was a military goddess, associated with planning, thought and strategy - as opposed to Mars who was brute force, strongest force wins the day!

Today the gem has survived in excellent condition, ideal to be remounted into a gold signet ring or added to your collection.   

OBJECT: Intaglio


DATE: c. 1st - 2nd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Carnelian

SIZE: 9.29mm x 6.68mm x 2.25mm

WEIGHT: 0.18 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European private collection.