Roman carnelian gem intaglio of a Lion / Panther

Roman carnelian gem intaglio of a Lion / Panther

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This is a small but exquisitely worked ancient Roman gem intaglio, dating to the 1st - 3rd century A.D. The tiny gem is cut with a device of a prancing panther or female lion (without a mane), for the size the gemmarius has mastered a great work of art. Such a gem would have been set into a gold finger ring, used to seal letters as a private signature. The carnelian displays plenty of age, intact without any cracks or damage. A good piece for a collector or to be remounted by a jeweller.

OBJECT: Intaglio


DATE: c. 1st - 3rd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Carnelian

SIZE: 8mm x 7mm x 2mm

WEIGHT: 0.24 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. property of a private collector, Belgium.