Early - Middle Bronze Age riveted Dagger or Razor

Early - Middle Bronze Age riveted Dagger or Razor

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This is an early to middle Bronze Age riveted dagger blade or razor, it dates from c. 2150 BC - 1500 BC. It has a thin blade of lenticular cross section. Two rivet holes to the base and this is tapered to a point. It appears this blade started as a dagger and had been used and cherished for generations, finally being utilized as a razor. You can see the striations on ther blade where it has been sharpened on a stone. The point may had been ground away to be used in shaving, same for the rivet holes on the base. See also SUR-C44007KENT-F61549, and NMGW-6F4B2A for examples of this early dagger. A nice object that was originally found in the UK but formed part of a collection I acqiured in Germany.

OBJECT: Dagger - Razor

CULTURE: Early Bronze Age

DATE: c. 2150 - 1500 BC

MATERIAL: Copper-alloy/Bronze

SIZE: 62mm x 29mm x 1.6mm 

WEIGHT:  10 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a European Private Collection, Dresden. Germany.