Late Bronze Age Socketed Chisel

Late Bronze Age Socketed Chisel

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This is an intact Bronze Age Socketed Chisel, dating to c. 1000 - 700 B.C. Similar examples have been recorded from Canterbury (KENT-2A2156)  which cites an example from the Burton Upon Stather hoard illustrated in Inventoria Archaeologia, GB.23, 3 (3), no.14. c.1000 - c.700 century BC. Another from Suffolk (SF-F59C95) and Oxfordshire (SUR-519C20). This is an excellent example with a nice olive-green patina. 

OBJECT: Chisel

CULTURE: Late Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1000 - 700 B.C.


SIZE: 80.20mm x 20.07mm x 11.46mm

WEIGHT:  56 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Ireland.